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Upcoming Events 

Our goal is to provide a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where youth can explore their interests, unleash their creativity, and build meaningful connections with like-minded peers. Whether you're passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, arts, community service, or anything in between, our carefully curated events have something extraordinary in store for you.

Stay tuned as we unveil an exciting lineup of workshops, seminars, competitions, and networking opportunities led by industry experts and seasoned mentors. Be part of a thriving community that fosters innovation, cultivates leadership, and nurtures the changemakers of tomorrow.

Join us at TeenStart Inc.'s "Upcoming Events" and unlock the limitless potential within you. Let's create a future together that knows no bounds.



June 1 - August 18th 2023

7AM- 1PM 


Inter-generational Agricultural Camp  

Leaf Pattern Design
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